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31st May 2019

10:08am: This blog
I'm writing the blog in English because I type twice as fast this way than in Russian (yes I am improving...), and 90% of my friends and friends can read English any way. I answer comments in the same language they are posted.

I am trying not to post anything related to my employer, but if I do so, this expresses only my own views and does not represent an official position of my employer.

When I post about some technical topic which seems non trivial and is related to my employer's product, don't expect it to be inside information. If I post about it, it means that this info is already public. Usually I do not post any personal information or anything that is related to my family.

All photos are mine, and I allow anyone to copy, change, do anything you please with them. I don't post "friends only".

Useful tags are: software , idea , Deutschland, freediving and trip report

23rd May 2016

11:52am: Autobahns are great?
I am not very fond of driving. So next time we go north we can just take a train... with our car ;

Like this gentleman on a Porsche who took a train from Berlin or Hamburg and arrived to Munich in the morning. Cool service, is it?

21st May 2016

9:04am: Jacob speaks, again
Now at 1 year and 11 months, still zoo is the favourite subject to talk about.
- А в зоопарке.. Там лев! Придет к Яше. Опасно! Укусит Яшу лев! Папа расстроится... А мама придет и спасет!
- Ага, мама спасет от льва, и хобот ему оторвет.

19th May 2016

9:20am: Good article on V8
Here is a good one from mr_aleph, also some links in the comments. I am not interested in JS at all, but will look into Dartino.

17th May 2016

3:38pm: NBTs
There is nothing else around but VR, IOT and deep learning. And combinations of thereof like IOT+5G+Deep learning+autonomous driving.
Any additions?

13th May 2016

7:06am: Positive discrimination in the airport
I am in MUC airport now, waiting for my flight to Duesseldorf. Just had a funny moment recently.

When I was standing in a line for security control, two lines were merging before the X-ray machine. It was zip merge, as usual, and ppl in the end of the line were standing behind each other, located slightly closer towards a line they were coming from. When I was first in the line, I was invited to the X-ray machine, and then immediately a member of security stuff asked me to step back and give way to a passenger who was standing behind me in the line. I complied, and eventually asked why break a zip merge?

The answer was, I quote: "yes it is zip merge, but men should yield for wifes, so wifes have priority." Needless to say, my wife was not with me at the moment ;)

p.s. confusing "woman" and "wife" word is very common for German native speakers, even when their English is good.

10th May 2016

10:19am: Latest from Jacob
Here are his best phrases when he was 1 year 10 months old:

- Яша, не надо обнимать ножик! [игрушечный]
- Почему?
- Ножиком можно порезаться, и люди не обнимают ножики.
- Кто не обнимает ножики?
- Люди.
- Люди не обнимают ножики. А Яша обнимает ножики!

In the zoo:
- Лев съест?
- Лев в клетке, поэтому не опасен.
- Лев идет к Яше! Не надо!!! [убегает, прикрываясь папой]

After zoo:
- Какие животные были в зоопарке?
- Слон, жираф, лев, обезьяна огутан, обезьяна гамадил.
- А кто из них больше всех тебе понравился?
- Коза!

9th May 2016

5:02pm: Yet another interesting book from samlib
The author claims he writes hard sci-fi superhero comic novel. Much like in "Цветок камнеломки", the book is about singularity. As Bostrom noted, one of possible causes of the singularity could be a strong AI developed by a small dedicated team "in a garage".

This book is about a discovery in physics that triggers singularity, but unlike "Цветок камнеломки" the settings are modern, not USSR. Also protagonists come from social and educational background that I understand quite well.

Unfortunately as action evolves and more ppl gain "supepowers", the script turns much closer to other books from samlib.ru where main characters are super-spetznaz types who fight with "пиндосами" and "масонами". Completely weird - reading something where jokes are familiar and protagonist's figure is even more familiar, but he still fights with illuminati and other enemies of Russian state.

20th April 2016

10:15am: Developerz, developerz... Windowz debugging.
Now real stuff comes:
After weird setup experience I need to do a real work: set a breakpoint on an undocumented windows kernel API function.

Windbg then. OK, when running windbg locally one can't use breakpoints. OK, remote then. On host, modern Visual studio only supports remote debugging over ip. But Windows 7 target does not. Ok, windbg host then. Remaining connectivity options are FireWire, USB and COM. There is no Firewire on target. There is no COM on target. COM over USB won't work because :).

That is it folks. All one should know about Windows driver/kernel debugging.

19th April 2016

12:50pm: One can't just install Windows 7 embedded 32 bit on Skylake
To reproduce a performance regression reported by customer I had to install Windows 7 embedded 32 bit on Skylake NUC. It took me a while! Don't know why manually installing USB3 drivers to Windows 7 install images does not work every time, and no idea why it breaks user services. Still after 2 weeks of part time work it is finally up.

It was worse than trying to manually compile some major open source project with all dependencies tree on Yocto Linux running on pre-production hardware :) - because there is no source to look at when something breaks, no logs and weird error messages.

13th April 2016

11:13am: IntelliJ IDEA
Here is what I spotted in an U-Bahn yesterday.

Cool! I did not know IntelliJ is so rich so they can afford this type of ads in public transport. Besides, what about ad targeting :) ?

Full pic and explanation is under the cut.
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7th April 2016

2:47pm: Aying naturpark
When coming to Aying/Poing, they sell animal food at the gates. The trick is that animals are literally fed up with this food. And this is the only sure way to get close to an animal.

But they love carrots and apples :)

And this is when Jacob told the longest sentence so far, at 1 year and 9 months:
"Аалень!!! Отдай морковку Яше!!! Отдай! Отдай! Отдай!!!"
I should not have made him give a carrot to a deer, Jacob apparently planned to eat it himself.

4th April 2016

11:50am: On upgrades
There is a common story with with some customers I help with s/w performance:
First they come and tell that they expect the server to perform ~1.3x better on their workload. After some analysis I tell them: yeah, you can achieve it by upgrading from your 2.6.18 kernel (even 2.6.9 :( ) to at least 3.10. Or upgrade JVM from 1.5 to at least 1.7.

No, they tell, we need a magic trick to have at least 30% performance improvement, but without upgrade. The best would be a magic BIOS switch combination... Or software recompile with different compile flags.

Actually sometimes a magic BIOS combination plus different compiler/flags actually provide extra ~15%..

31st March 2016

4:15pm: Bad snorkelling [2/2]
Still I was a bit disappointed:

In the Red Sea, even in Eilat, there is more diversity in coral species. Even more so in Indonesia.

More fish and the most dangerous animal in the sea are under cut.
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All pics are in the album

30th March 2016

4:07pm: Good morning!
It is very difficult to get close to this crab. It spots me from several meters, quickly runs to its burrow and hides there.

However I managed to make this picture using a macro lens from about 30cm. And this was a great experience. Because of jet lag, I woke up at 6AM, and went outside at 6.20, while Yulia and Jacob were both still sleeping. At 6.25, sun started rising, and all crabs that were lurking around a beach suddenly stopped moving and started staring at sun.

That looked amazing! I just went to this one, and it did not run and hide as usual. It was too busy watching the sunrise... I read somewhere before that crabs do enjoy sunrise, but I never checked as I never woke up early enough in my previous trips to tropical islands.

Hermit crabs watch sunrise too: Read more...Collapse )

19th March 2016

10:54am: Bad snorkelling [1/2]
Most reviews of our hotel I read on tripadvisor indicated "bad snorkelling". Let's see...

This unicornfish and a small shark swam just ~30 meters from our room door. (20 meters to the shore, then 10 meters towards the reef). But there was a small trick.. I actually chased these two buddies towards the coast from deeper waters :)

Some more sea life under cut.
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18th March 2016

11:53am: Home sweet home
I am back online.

Very good freediving and snorkelling experience it was, now when Jacob is almost two it is much easier to travel with him.

P.s. I will get back to my work stuff on Monday.

5th March 2016

4:46pm: Suddenly 6 hours in San Francisco today. Where to go?
I managed to remove SFO-PDX-PDX-SFO redundant leg from my schedule, so will have to find something useful to do in San Francisco today, I'll have ~6 hours to spend there. Will probably just hang around in the center.. I could had 10 hours there if my flight PHX-SFO was on time.

3rd March 2016

10:50pm: Airport, again
Now charging my laptop in PDX before departure, then go PDX->PHX->1day->SFO->PDX-SFO-MUC.

The loop in a leg PHX->SFO-PDX->SFO bothers me a lot, but airlines do not have an interface to fix that for free. They'd rather lose money (waitlists) and me loose time :(

29th February 2016

11:07am: In US, again
I am in US now, just arrived. I like this conference, it is my 6th time now. And first as an organizer.
When getting here, noticed that Canadians are still pumping oil in the north:

Also TSA's computer hanged when reading my boarding pass (and it was reproducible, they even made a picture of a pass). So they decided to make a more thorough check on my stuff. Good thing: they let me pass through all the queue. Bad thing: after all, I did not save any time.

Some smart ppl think TSA is a security theater. I don't: I think when performing normal checks they would catch 99.9999% of stupid terrorists and 10% of smart terrorists, and on detailed checks they would catch 100% of stupid terrorists and 50% of smart terrorists. I strongly believe there is no such thing as a smart terrorists, so TSA wins. (Smart people go learn VHDL, C++ or Scala, or at least are working on M&A ;)

28th February 2016

2:40pm: Es'kov's new book
It is great and I was proud to support the experiment

And now I understand what had always HPMOR reminded me of: "The last ringbearer". Both are brilliant examples of fan fic that turns a world of fantasy to something tangible and real, with a slight touch of mysticism. Although I don't quite like the trans-humanism becoming a major factor in the story Yudkowsky created.

26th February 2016

1:04pm: Embedded world 2016
It was my first time at Embedded world when I came there just for fun.

Unfortunately there was less fun than before: the exhibition shrinks, more specialized embedded expos grow faster.

There was a funny moment: one guy from our US team was introducing me to another as "the best expert in realtime stuff in Europe", when Thomas Gleixner was passing by Intel booth in couple of meters. It was hard for me not to laugh at that moment.

16th February 2016

1:29pm: On CAT
Just published a short article on habr, about one relatively recent and overlooked new feature on x86. I was working on it in 2010-2013.
p.s. btw I got a habr invite, anyone interested?

3rd February 2016

1:37pm: Useless knowledge
I got 256GB RAM in my workstation. So I booted with 100 1GB hugepages for guests.
Then I found out that flock(2)(fd of "/dev/hugepages") blocks forever. However when I allocate only 32 1GB hugepages it works.

If I investigate it further, I might discover and report a bug in kernel, but probably I won't: now I just know how to deal with it..
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