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31st May 2019

10:08am: This blog
I'm writing the blog in English because I type twice as fast this way than in Russian (yes I am improving...), and 90% of my friends and friends can read English any way. I answer comments in the same language they are posted.

I am trying not to post anything related to my employer, but if I do so, this expresses only my own views and does not represent an official position of my employer.

When I post about some technical topic which seems non trivial and is related to my employer's product, don't expect it to be inside information. If I post about it, it means that this info is already public. Usually I do not post any personal information or anything that is related to my family.

All photos are mine, and I allow anyone to copy, change, do anything you please with them. I don't post "friends only".

Useful tags are: software , idea , Deutschland, freediving and trip report

29th June 2015

11:26am: Dumb dust
When we returned from Israel, we found that floor of our balcony is covered with something yellow. Our first idea was that it is pollen from the flowers that grow in the garden, but after I collected a bit of it into a box,

it appeared to be sand. Indeed a sand storm somehow brought sand from Sahara via mediteranian, Italy, Alps!!! all the way to Munich.

25th June 2015

1:32pm: Journalists..
Every couple of years I read news from my hometown.

The quality of writing goes down. Here are today's headlines":
"Три пассажира бесправного водителя получили травмы в ДТП.."
"Вчера салют начался на 15 минут раньше, из-за чего многие зрители на него опоздали."
"В январе-мае рождаемость снизилась на 5%."
"Житель Чебоксарского района напал на двоих спящих с топором, которых ранее приютил в своем доме."

And [almost] a whole article:
"Прогноз погоды: Жара усиливается - будьте внимательны!

В жару не рекомендуется есть продукты, согревающие изнутри, например, мед и сало. Перед сном лучше отказаться от тяжелых продуктов вроде мяса. Охлаждают организм и помогают адаптироваться к жаре продукты с легким вяжущим вкусом и все овощи-фрукты зеленого и белого цветов. Необходимо увеличить потребление жидкости. Носить лучше одежду из светлых натуральных тканей.

В частности не рекомендуется есть продукты, согревающие изнутри, например, мед и сало. Перед сном гражданам советуют отказаться от тяжелых продуктов вроде мяса, поскольку переваривание тяжелой пищи вызывает повышение температуры тела и усиливает потоотделение. Охлаждают организм и помогают адаптироваться к жаре продукты с легким вяжущим вкусом (хурма или бананы) и все овощи-фрукты зеленого и белого цветов. В жару из-за усиленного потоотделения в организме нарушается водный баланс, поэтому нужно выпивать не менее 3,5 литров жидкости в день."

Even better sample under cut:
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23rd June 2015

11:20am: Deja vu
In my new old job, everything seems the same. I will optimize for Haswell and Skylake a compute kernel that once I optimized for Nehalem. When I installed a RHEL on my test servers I encountered a bug in the installer I remember from old days: if HDD ever used to be in RAID, it is not detected unless you do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx

10th June 2015

9:38am: Poing
Munich zoo entrance fee is ~14 euros and you can't feed animals, and in Poing wildpark 2 adults can enter for 15 euros, and you can feed animals (except for carnivores.)

But we were lucky to see how they feed bears.

The ration is simple: a piece of meat, a loaf of rye bread, an apple and a carrot.

A wolf.
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Storks feeding babies.
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Me giving a carrot to a deer.
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8th June 2015

3:41pm: Flame!
This is a nice one from Theo de Raadt. A bit Linus Torvalds style, but even more insults.
3:32pm: Weather
From 5.00 till ~6.30AM today lightnings were hitting an apartment building where we live approximately every minute. Nevertheless, our eleven months old son was sleeping very well (no idea how he managed to do that).

The thunderstorm was so strong because it was very warm lately. This is how it looks when I get out from the office and walk 300 meters.

Technically it is still Munich. No idea why storks did not afraid a tractor that was 20 meters from them, but were afraid of me when I was 100 meters away.

30th May 2015

11:30am: Forum posts from German immigrants
Yesterday I went to Auslanderamt. As a foreigner, I been there many times, but it was my first time in toilet there. I was shocked :)

There was a forum on the door, with posts like in normal forums.

First topicstarter complains about Germany, then some grammarna.. points his grammar errors, then someone responds..
Don't these people have internet or what?

22nd May 2015

11:34am: My new job
After 5+ years supporting embedded products, I am back in a server team.

Good thing I still have couple of hundreds business cards where I am called "Application Engineer, Enterprise team EMEA". No need to order new ones.

So in the lab instead of a big table with small and tiny hardware I get back my rack with Xeons and interconnect.

P.S. Unrelated, here is my new habrahabr post on s/w optimizations.

18th May 2015

11:32am: Eilat freediving, people
The last post with underwater photos from my recent vacation. This time it is about people, not fish.

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15th May 2015

3:46pm: Eilat freediving, fish
This time I failed to find any interesting creatures in the sea - no turtles, no stingrays. So I was mostly taking pictures of simply fish in coral reefs.

Actually not only very simple fish, there was a crocodile fish, roaming mooray eel, snake eel, and a lot of tropical fish - surgeons, groupers, clown fish pairs with their anemone, parrotfish, cleaner wraths and bigger wraths.

Some more pics under cut.
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All pics are in a picasa album

13th May 2015

11:14am: Yulia dives
This time we were not able to spend as much time in the sea as we usually do. But Yulia told me that this time I can post her picture in lj/facebook.

Only the picture has to be that small :)
And I have no size constraints:
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12th May 2015

2:25pm: Gems in Eilat
During our previous trip, we went to Timna and found some very poor quality sunstone and malachite.
I did not know that the Eilat cliffs are mostly composed of granite, with layers of pegmatite and metamorphic rocks. During this trip I found two garnet (Almandine) seams in granite, one with ~0.3 carate garnetes that seemed good, but it was in a public place so I could not get some for me:

Another seam was in the wilderness 5 meters from our hotel, but it was very poor quality :(

7th May 2015

6:49am: Eilat
I am in Eilat, our first trip with our small baby. He likes the sea :)

Me too.

Can you see a big fish on this pic? Hint:
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27th April 2015

5:34pm: Embedded devs in Munich, Stutgart area
A company where my wife is working (US headquartered multinational) is hiring in Munich and Stuttgart area. They are looking for several embedded s/w engineers, and I think they are OK with Blau Karte. Please send me PM if anyone is interested.

A picture is a hint about a job's content.

24th April 2015

11:36am: Cute babies
Usually printed media about babies that I read a lot recently contains some nice and cute babies images. So does relevant commercials.

Recently I was reading a paper from German Jugentamt, and the cover image did not seem cute to me

Is it just my taste differs from typical German or they really selected not the best possible baby pics?

23rd April 2015

1:24pm: Is it science?
Yesterday I enjoyed reading a paper on side channel attack using shared LLC from Javascript code. dr_klm would argue that this is not science, and may be he is right.

The article claims a side channel attack, but describes merely a one way side channel communication that needs a sender on the target side. For an attack, full source code of the code being attacked is required, and a lot of work on post-processing.

What is really important in the article is a reference to reverse engineered hash function that maps physical address to LLC sets.

21st April 2015

10:30am: Trip report: Lucerne, Switzerland
A demo I was preparing for a customer involved some location specifics. I thought it should work the same way in Germany and German Switzerland, but it was not entirely the case, so in the evening before the meeting I had to work on it a bit in a hotel room.

Technically, one of the challenges was that when in roaming, Deutschetelekom deliberately dropped my UDP SIP packets, so I had to configure a VPN :)
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13th April 2015

10:55am: Greens are so cute, again
Reading an article on bbc about pollution near a Chinese city where they refine rare earth.

As usual, being a journalist and green makes one write nonsense. The guy got a sample of polluted soil and sent it for analysis to a lab. I expected that they will find unusual concentration of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, carcinogens chemicals, etc.

By the way to find a place where they use a lot of very strong chemicals he should not have traveled that far :)

I believe the lab found something like that, but they also found that the radioactivity of the sample was 3x of "normal" background radiation level. So in the final part of the article he writes about how terrible it is to produce rare earth and pollute surroundings with radioactive material that is 3x more radioactive than "normal".

I think someone should give this guy a dosimeter so next time he travels to an area with granite outcrops he measures "radiation 4x more radioactive than normal", or next time he goes to mountains for skiing he measures it 8x more than normal, and next time he flies anywhere he measures 50x more than normal :)

12th April 2015

9:22am: Political rant
I opened, a web site of the main state owned Russian TV station. One of the news was - "In Ukraine, a legislation was passed that soviet communist symbols are now made equal to nazi symbols." Earlier the same TV channel reported that nazi symbols are embraced in Ukraine, so according to weird logic used by the Channel One, soviet communist symbols were promoted.

Now I only wonder if they rename Dnipropetrovsk to Ekaterinoslav or Novorossiysk.

Meanwhile in Germany, the crisis is so severe that there is a shortage of baby food.
"Не больше трех в одни руки." Last time I seen this message in a shop was in USSR.

5th April 2015

10:56am: Clojure on Edison, now native
Just created a pull request on mraa that enables Java generation and hence Clojure bindings to Edison/Galile/RasPi IOs. Now without Javascript.
Upd: now with proper I2C and SPI support, available in my branch till maintainer makes a decision about a pull request.

29th March 2015

3:18pm: День - хакатон на тему "интернет вещей" в Бухаресте.
Меня зовут Саша, я программист, последние шесть лет живу в Мюнхене. Четыре года назад я постил здесь один свой рабочий день. Работа с тех пор у меня не изменилась - 80% времени я провожу в офисе, вожусь с процессорами, которые поступят в продажу через полгода-год. Фотографовать это нельзя, и день получается не для формата сообщества. 15% времени я провожу у клиентов, и там фотографам тоже не рады. Оставшеся пять процентов - выставки, конференции и мероприятия для программистов, например, хакатоны. Я обычно стесняюсь фотографировать людей без спроса, но на хакатоне все всех фотографируют, так что, наверное, можно.

28 марта 2015 года, в субботу, я работал главным технарем в команде организаторов хакатона. Что это такое - объясню в посте. Меня пригласили съездить на выходные в Бухарест, потому, что в 2014 году я был архитектором одного продукта, связанного с темой встречи. Под катом еще двадцать шесть фотографий. В основном они сделаны моим телефоном, но несколько я взял у профи, которые снимали нормальными камерами и более прямыми руками.
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28th March 2015

11:27am: Clojure on Edison
Well, clojurescript for now.

1. Download and Install JDK or JRE, get it to the PATH.
2. Download standalone cljs.jar from here, get it to classpath.
3. mkdir -p hello_world/src/hello_world; cd hello_world; touch src/hello_world/core.cljs
4. Edit build script node.clj:
(require 'cljs.closure)
(cljs.closure/build "src"
{:main 'hello-world.core
:output-to "main.js"
:target :nodejs})
5. Edit main file: src/hello_world/core.cljs :

6. npm install source-map-support
7. java -cp cljs.jar:src clojure.main node.clj
8. node main.js
p.s. same works in REPL
p.p.s Greetings from Bucharest

22nd March 2015

2:47pm: Journalists on s/w technologies
"Baby Boomers and Gen Xers tend to know C# and SQL. C# is a software language, while SQL is a database technology. Gen Y knows Python, social media, and Hadoop, which are newer versions of those things." - (c) from a [not so recent] NYT article.

20th March 2015

11:16am: Partial solar eclipse today
I should have prepared better to watch it and make some better pics.

Also in my recent business trips, I stopped making photos of the scenery - hence no more trip reports in this lj.. Dunno why.
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