izard (izard) wrote,

The circle

After [profile] blau_krahe suggestion, I just read it during this long weekend. The narrative style in Russian is very similar to "Холодная зона" by the way.

It is fun to read, but unlike "Холодная зона", everything in this book seems just trivial. First 20% or so is absolutely realistic, then as the plot becomes somewhat darker in the following 10% of the book, the rest 70% becomes obvious. So I guessed all the remaining plot after I read the first 30%, just thinking: "What would an american author write to make absurdity grow until a possible maximum is reached." I think if the author would have been european, it would not be that easy.

So in a hindsight, I would recommend reading the first 30% of this book, skipping all the rest but last 5 pages or so.
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