izard (izard) wrote,

Trip report: Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a city of contrasts :) There are three rings: in the center it demonstrates old european architecture, one of the best in its kind, then there is a ring that looks like Russia (much like хрущевка next to a cathederal), and then there is a ring with modern houses.

My customer in Wroclaw is hiring btw, looking to hire several ppl. C/C++, Linux, SIMD, digital signal processing - please PM me for details/contacts.

Another observation: unlike Munich and Germany, there is different demographics in entry level customer facing jobs: receptionists, cashiers, etc. In Wroclaw I only seen beautiful young ladies there, while in Munich it is all mixed. I hope this is a sign of better social mobility in a growing economy, where people can move up, unlike in Munich a catchier in supermarket often works forever at this job.. I can also invent a not so favourable explanation, but I won't put it here, leaving it as an exercise for a reader :)
Tags: software, trip_report
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