izard (izard) wrote,

US immigration arithmetics

USCIS publishes a number of L1 visas it grants each year. I was trying to see if "hire American, buy American" affected L1s.

But some numbers do not add up, akin to a puzzle:
"units of less than 10 beneficiaries are masked so as to limit the possibility of the de-anonymization of data. "D" represents data withheld to protect privacy. The letter H replaces the value ... where one could deduce the value of D. "
ACCENTURE LLP is in top 10 L1 visa petitioners.
total - 183
Continuing L1A - 95
Continuing L1B - D
Continuing Blanket L1 - D
Initial L1A - H
Initial L1B - D

I wonder why they needed "H" here, because of Benford's law?
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